[Beginners] Creating A Business Facebook Page

Are you thinking about a creating a Facebook business page. Here are  5 time-saving tips for marketing on Facebook.

Creating A Facebook Business Page

Tip 1:  Set up a Facebook Vanity URL

A vanity url is free to set-up on facebook. Make sure your facebook business page has one.


Tip 2: A welcome Page

Tip 3: A Contact Us Page

Tip 4: Create

Tip 5: Use A Third-Party Platform To Help Distribute Your Content




how to save on lawyer fees

How To Save On Startup Legal Fees

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How To Save On Startup Legal Fees


PROBLEM: “Help! I’ve spent 50% of my startup budget on lawyer fees and I am still 6 months away from launching.”

When starting a business, it is easy to overpay for the things that you need such as webpage, logo, lawyers, etc.  All those things can quickly add up and eat most of your startup budget. ExpertlyInsight: While you do need all those things, you may not need to pay for all those things on day one.

Here are two of the best kept industry secrets than can help you avoid such a predicament.

Tip #1: Engaging Vs. Hiring A Lawyer

Do you know the difference between “engaging a lawyer” versus “Hiring a lawyer”? Yes, you got it. The first one is 100% free. Of course it won’t be free forever, but here is why it works: as a general rule of practice, startup lawyers are happy to provide startups with a wealth of knowledge and tips (like sample term sheets, contract forms, etc) in order to win your long-term business (aka. legal representation).

I encourage you and all of my startup clients to start talking to lawyers before you actually need them. While at some point, you will want to officially hire legal counsel, for lots of reasons, most startups have a lot of little questions lawyers are happy to answer prior to official contract.  Additionally, this is a great way to perform some due diligence on them before you hire them. Let them earn your money.

Don’t be shy in asking to speak to them before hiring them. Lawyers will not be shy to tell you when they need to start charging you.

 Tip #2: Defer Cash Payments/Retainer

Most lawyers will claim that they need a retainer,  but every business owner knows that “cash is king” and at the start you have very little of it. Talk to your lawyer about alternative financing options they might be able to provide startups.

Specially, if you are fundraising from investors, some lawyers might be amenable to a deferred retainer. This can be a great way for you to conserve your limited startup cash until you get funding. Not every law firm will do this, but there are a few. It’s worth a try.

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How to hire SEO consultant without getting burned

5 Tips to Hire SEO Help Without Getting Burned



 Tips to Hire SEO Help Without Getting Burned

PROBLEM: “Help! I know I need to hire an SEO contractor, but I have heard so many bad stories. How do I not get burned?”

Hiring a website optimization consultant can feel a lot like hiring a good mechanic. You know you need one. You know there are some good ones out there among a lot of bad apples.  How do you not get burned?

Here are 2 Red Flags that will keep you from getting burned and save you thousands of dollars:

RedFlag #1:  Promise Immediate Results

You should know that it takes 6-12 months of dedicated SEO to start seeing real results. Anyone promising you immediate results is lying. It doesn’t matter how good this person claims to be.  It takes time for search engines to crawl through your website. There is no shortcut to this.

Red Flag #2: Low Price/Low Commitment

I have seen many small business owners lured by a low price/low commitment offer and the promise of overnight SEO traffic. Unfortunately, when it sounds too good to be true, you see this you should run the other way.

Rule of thumb: you need to commit a minimum of $500/mo. SEO budget for a minimum of 6 months. If you can’t afford this, you are better off doing as much as you can by yourself or waiting. SEO can be a great investment if you can afford it. Otherwise, you have a better return playing the lotto.


5 Tips

  1. Ask for monthly reports
  2. Learn the basics so you can understand the reports
  3. Ask new customers where they found you
  4. Trust your gut
  5. Make sure that your SEO are giving you a return
  6. Hire someone internally to work with an SEO coach.

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Business Plan Feedback Tips

Business Feedback Consulting: A Blessing Or A Curse?


We all know feedback is important, but can one have too much a good thing? Is all feedback created equal? Here are 3 Pros and 3 Cons every business owner must know.

Pros of Business Feedback

1. It is an opportunity to course correct.

Whenever you do something new, whether launching a new company or a new product, you are launching into unchartered waters where some of your initial assumptions will inevitably turn out to be wrong. Feedback gives you the opportunity to course correct in a timely and cost-effective way.

ExpertlyInsight: Remember that if you are not failing some of the time, you are not trying hard enough.

2. It is an opportunity adjust to a changing competitive landscape.

Overtime your competitive landscape will inevitably change. Whether it is a new competitor moving down the street or a new technology development.  Timely feedback gives us an opportunity to adjust to the changing conditions.

ExpertlyInsight: Remember that the only thing constant in life is change.

3. Opportunity to stay the course. 

Business is hard. Sometimes good feedback can give you the confidence you need to stay the course.  Celebrate any positive feedback with your entire team and make sure to share these testimonials with future clients.

ExpertlyInsight: If it’s working, keep doing it and do more of it.

Cons of Business Feedback

1.  Unsolicited Feedback

Whether you ask for it or not, you will get business feedback. Everyone from your mailman to your mother will have an opinion on how you should run your business, and they will not be shy to share it.   While I wish I could change the world and make Mark Twain’s The Dying Art of Lying required reading for all, this is just a fact of doing business. Be prepared.

ExpertlyInsight: Remember to thank everyone for their feedback even if you dismiss it later. It is not just good politics, it is good business.

2. Everyone is a critic. Few people are helpful.

In the information age, everyone feels like they are qualified to give you feedback. Not all opinions are created equal. It is important for you to select your own counsel. Find 2-3 people who you can confide in and whose opinions you truly value and keep them on for the long haul.

ExpertlyInsight: Remember that is what your ExpertlyCoach is also here for you.

3. For feedback’s sake.

Feedback without insight is just white noise. You need to spend the time to evaluate the feedback, process it, and then take action. It is never enough to simply get feedback.

ExpertlyInsight: Remember feedback is only a raw material, it’s up to you to create value.

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